Chatbot use cases: 25 real-life examples

Five ways chatbots could change the hotel industry

chatbots hotel

Today, another effective approach for a company is to focus on the audience that’s already interested in its products, i.e., website visitors. Sales teams often refer to these audience members as ‘warm leads.’  Warm leads are the people who have actually engaged with the company’s website and are much more likely to answer sales questions. Often times, they are looking to purchase products but need time and/or assistance to finish the transaction.

chatbots hotel

Future improvements on the cards will allow the chatbot to manage room requests through integration with the hotel’s back-end systems. But Rose isn’t standing still and is evolving more to act like a ‘hostess’ who can deliver a more personal service to guests via text messages directly. We are on a mission to make it easier and faster for consumers to connect with businesses. Online conversations connect people, and now customers expect businesses to join in. The ‘chatbot’ has been a buzz-word over them past twelve months across a wide range of industries.

Sharing The Knowledge: Artificial Intelligence in Hotels

Essentially, these dynamic systems mimic human intelligence in order to carry out both basic and complex tasks. Specific applications include AI-powered assistants, manufacturing robots, speech recognition, marketing chatbots, and checkout-free grocery shopping. But contrary to the popular belief of people that often conflates an AI chatbot with a regular chatbot, there is a simpler way to differentiate the two types of chatbots prevalent today. Know about the difference through this short video that takes you through a real-life application.difference between an ai chatbot & a regular chatbot | daveai. AI-powered chatbots should be able to access flight and maintenance data to provide estimates of when people can fly.

chatbots hotel

Or they have to call the company’s support line and move from one agent to another. All this involves the customer having to do a lot of steps and possibly wait a long time. All this contributes to making customers more engaged with surveys,  all thanks to the way chatbots present them. By answering such questions, a chatbot can guide a customer and solve their problem for them.

The Future Of Hospitality With AI! By The Hotel Club

AI is a feature that mimics human intelligence, ranging from chatbots for hotel websites to personalization for bookings. Robots have also been introduced in several hotels worldwide, but the majority have not been successful. Gillis stated that far fewer jobs have been lost than what was anticipated, and there is a larger market of guests who prefer staying with real people rather than robots. TripAdvisor has also effectively integrated OpenAI technology with the launch of its travel itinerary generator.

MVMT, a fashion-brand that develops watches and sunglasses and especially targets millennials, uses this strategy to great effect with their chatbot use case. Here’s an example of the National Geographic chatbot use case engaging visitors through a quiz and getting them interested in their Almanac eBook, which they give participants at a 10% discount. AmTrak, a railroad service in U.S.A and Canada, has used this chatbot use case. Hiver, a service that provides shared-email services to companies, does this job beautifully.

So, which is better? A live chat or a chatbot?

Watson helps Connie learn from each guest interaction, builds guest knowledge and helps understand and respond naturally to requests from each Hilton customer. And, best of all, artificial technology such as this is easy to implement and integrate with your existing systems so you can create an optimum data-focused tech stack for your business without incurring inflated costs. Artificial intelligence is particularly useful for automating repetitive processes. This includes analysing demand trends, customer behaviour patterns, and market segments. It also includes pricing automation, forecasting, reputation management, and automated processes for streamlining the booking process. By using the right software, you can easily collect, analyse and handle large amounts of data from a variety of sources that helps you understand every aspect of your target market.

  • We actually named chatbots as one of the 3 best tools for maximising hotel customer retention.
  • Allow guests to order from their own mobile device or provide them with in-room tablets.
  • For this reason, there are many tools and strategies a company can use to generate product recommendations.
  • In this chatbot use case, a chatbot can become a valuable assistant for teams within a company.
  • Chatbots built on popular messaging channels can act as customer relationship tools that can help nurture relationships, increase sales and reduce staff costs whilst improving customer care.

Enhance the stay experience by adopting practices designed to safeguard guests and staff. With your choice housekeeping, guests determine whether they receive housekeeping services. A report can be generated for housekeeping staff, informing them of the guests who’ve opted out for daily housekeeping.

Retail ecommerce companies deal with 70% of abandoned cart rate and the losses from poor customer service on mobile. Chatbots solve these problems suggesting efficient customer service and faster response on messengers. By encouraging clients to reschedule their bookings, the chatbot helps hotels deal with the serious cash flow problems that the high number of booking cancellations is causing. Hoteliers can also give a name to their chatbot and customise the answers of the FAQ section, such as local restaurant recommendations, check-in and check-out times, points of interest and more.

Businesses can use another effective customer acquisition tool and combine it with their email marketing efforts to develop a more powerful lead generation channel. When a customer buys a product from a business/company, one should not consider it the end of a transaction – but rather the start of a relationship. That’s because, according to HBR, more than 70% of customers are interested in hearing from retailers after they make a purchase, especially if they provide personalized content. With chatbots, you can use memes, GIFs, images, emojis, and other fun content to spice up your product recommendation system.

Companies can reduce costs and onboarding time dramatically by building such an infrastructure with the help of a chatbot. Today’s customers are smart shoppers and, therefore, like to be educated about the products they are buying. They want to know what varieties, sizes, and colors are in stock – plus any other information they can get their hands on. They expect fast responses otherwise they will move on to the next vendor. A company using this chatbot use case to great effect is– a cold email automation tool.

Brands can use it to improve their customer experience, increase sales, and build deeper relationships with customers. Throughout the year, AI and Machine Learning continued to advance the sophistication chatbots hotel and automation of our customer experience and conversational CRM products and services. Utilising AI for improving guest experience is excellent for ensuring customer satisfaction is met with efficiency.


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